The Local Laws of the Town of Wayland are maintained in date order for easy reference. Each segment of the Laws posted on this site is headed by the year it was enacted. Offical copies of these laws are on file in the office of the Town Clerk.

Local Law 1975-1: Snow and Ice Removal

Local Law 1977-1: Short Publication of Ordinances

Local Law 1980-1: Dog Control Law

Local Law 1981-1: Providing for One Appointed Assessor

Local Law 1984-1: Enforcement of NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Local Law 1985-1: Enforcement of the of the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code

Local Law 1985-2: Prohibition of Human Burials in other than authorized cemeteries

Local Law 1985-3: Defense of Town Officers and Employees

Local Law 1986-1: Permitting Real Property Tax Bill Enclosures

Local Law 1991-1: Local Flood Damage Prevention as Authorized by NYS Constitution and Conservation Law

Local Law 1991-2: Games of Chance Law of the Town of Wayland

Local Law 1993-1: Reimbursement to the Town for Rabies-Related Medical Expenses

Local Law 1993-3: Increase the Fee of the Annual Dog License

Local Law 1993-2: Allow Non-Residents of the Town of Wayland to Serve as Town Constables

Local Law 1995-1: Changing Veterans Eligible Funds' Exemption in Direct Proportion to Change in Level of Assessment Resulting from a Full Value Reassessment Project

Local Law 1995-3: Providing for the Repair or Removal of Unsafe Buildings and Collapsed Structures

Local Law 1995-4: Requirement Permits for Building/Construction Activity, Placement of Manufactured Homes, Regulation of Mobile Home Parks and for Land Area Requirements

Local Law 1995-5: Alternative Veterans Exemption Pursuant to 458-a of the Real Property Tax Law and Setting the Maximum Allowable Exemption

Local Law 1996-3: To Establish a Water Conservation and Permitting Program

Local Law 1997-1: Establishing the Day for Complaints with Respect to Assessments

Local Law 1997-4: Providing Partial Expemction from Taxation by the Town ot Persons 65 Years of Age or Older

Local Law 1998-1: Reenact and ratify Local Law #3-1997: Protection and Development law

Local Law 1998-3: Amending Local Law #1-1998 Town of WAyland Protection, Conservation and Development Law

Local Law 2000-1: Selecting A Retirement Incentive Program as Authorized by Chapter 86, Law of 2000 for the Eligitble Employees of the ToW

Local Law 2003-1: Providing An Exemption for Real Property Owend by an Enrolled Volunteer

Local Law 2003-2: Repealing LL #2-1995: Regulating Junk Yards & The Storage of Junk & Junk Cars in the ToW

Local Law 2003-3: Outlining the 9-1-1 Addressing Plan

Local Law 2004-1: Repealing & Rescinding LL # 1 - 1997 entitled "Grievance Day" Law of the Town of the Wayland

Local Law 2005-1: Repealing LL #3 of 2004

Local Law 2005-2: Outlining the 9-1-1- Addressing Plan

Local Law 2005-3: Creating an Ethics Law for the ToW

Local Law 2006-1: Providing No Excemption Under Real Property Tax Law-487 be Applicable within Our Jurisdiction with Respect to any Solor or Wind Energy System or Farm Waste Energy System

Local Law 2007-2: Providing for the Administration and Enforcement of the NYS Fire Prevention and Building Code

Local Law 2008-1: Amending LL #1 of 1998: "Town of Wayland Protection, Conservation and Development Law

Local Law 2008-2: Regulating Junkyards & the Storage of Junk in the ToW

Local Law 2010-1: Amending Local Law #1 of 1998: "ToW Protection, Conservation and Development Law (Rezone Corner of Gunlocke Park and Route 21 South) Created New Parcel

Local Law 2010-2: Amending Local Law #1-1980: Dog Control Law ToW - Increase Impoud and Boarding Fees

Local Law 2010-3 Licensing and Control of Dogs

Local Law 2011-1: To Override the Tax Levy Limit Established in the General Municipalities Law 3-C

Local Law 2011-2: Moratorium and Prohibition within the ToW of Natural Gas and Petroluem Exploration and Extraction Actvities, Underground Storage of Natural Gas, and Disposal of Natural Gas or Petroleum Extraction, Exploration and Production Wastes

Local Law 2012-1: Motor Sports Events Law in the Town of Wayland

Local Law 2012-2: Town of Wayland Road Preservation Law

Local Law 2012-3: Sign Use Law of the Town of Wayland

Local Law 2012-4: Extend Moratorium on and Prohibition of Gas and Petroleum Exploration and Extraction Activities

Local Law 2013-1: Amending LL #3 of 2010 for the Licensing and Control of Dogs in the Town of Wayland

Local Law 2013-2: Amended Motor Sports Law

Local Law 2013-3: Sign Use Law

Local Law 1 of 2015

Local Law 2016- - #1 Amend Local Law #3 of 2010Regulatinf License & Control od Dogs

Local Law 2016 - #2 Local Law providing Penalties for Failure to Repair and Remove Unsafe Bldgs.

Local Law #3 of 2016 Local Law to Amend Local Law #2 of 2007

Local Law #4 of 2016 - Local Law to Override Tax Levy Limit

Local Law #1 of 2017 - Local Law Regulating Wind Energy Deriving Towers

Local Law #2 of 2017 - Local Law Regulating Back Flow Preventers

Local Law #3 of 2017 - Six Month Moratorium on Solar Energy Generating Equipment

Local Law #4 of 2017 - Wind Law

Local Law #5 of 2017 Tax Cap Override for 2018 Budget

Local Law #6 of 2017 Amended Local Law Governing Wind Generating Towers

Local Law #7 of 2017 Law Restricting the Running at Large of Livestock



Local Law #3 of 2018 concerning Solar Photovoltaic Installations

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